Welcome to the home of the oldest build team in Minecraft

Welcome To Reawakens

Come for the sights, stay for the friends.

Come to a place where you will be welcomed with open arms, with plenty of space for you to grow.

From our humble beginnings in early 2011, we have strived to build a place players would feel comfortable joining, with as much freedom as possible, and where they could work together to improve their talents.

We pride ourselves on allowing players to embrace their creative side, be it by making massive structures with world-edit, or minigames with command blocks. We are flexible to our players’ wishes, and change the server to accommodate.

A picture of some of the builders.


  • Timelapse: Reyll ~ an ancient City

    Timelapse: Reyll ~ an ancient City

    We just released our latest timelapse: Reyll!

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  • Welcome to the new home of Reawakens :D

    Welcome to the new home of Reawakens 😀

    Enjin has sadly shut its doors and deleted all its user data. For that reason we have decided to start our own little corner of the internet away from big tech. There is not much here at the moment, but as time goes on, we will be adding stuff and making it a great place…

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What can you do on our server?

Build with large-scale construction tools

Use worldedit, armorstand tools, and our custom templates to build massive creations on your personal 200×200 plot

Command the world to your heart’s content

We let you have access to command blocks and commands so you can express your creativity even in functional creations

Survive a customized experience

Gear up to fight your way through our custom dungeons or manage resources to leave your landmarks in our survival world

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See our Creations

See how Minecraft’s high-end builds evolved over 11+ years first hand through our library of timelapses, cinematics, and more

Learn from our best

Learn the ins and outs of how to make cool things from our team members, and even build with them side-by-side

Play our home-brewed minigames

Play games you will find nowhere else, courtesy of our team members

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Years of Experience

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