The Reawakens Code of Conduct

Use common sense

Please remember that you are our guest. Do not wear out your welcome!
If you think you’ll be punished for something, you probably will.

Permanent mute and/or ban.

Keep the chat clean and understandable

What does that mean?

Permanent mute and/or ban.

No Advertising

Advertising on the server is strictly against the rules.
Advertising can be telling people to join another not “Reawakens” administrated server, or doing something not Reawakens related. This also counts advertising non-Minecraft stuff.

Permanent mute and/or ban.

No Griefing

Griefing is not allowed on the server in any way.
Griefing can be destroying other peoples buildings, redstone etc.
Do not touch a build without permission.
Attemping to grief can/will also result in a punishment, like attempting to place tnt, water, lava in protected places.
Staff can remove old incomplete builds, inappropriate builds, builds against the rules, and builds placed in claimed locations.

Permanent mute and/or ban.

Turn off redstone after use

When building big contraptions, turn off the redstone clocks when not using/building on it.

Warning → Removing the clock or parts of the build → ban.

Do not record unreleased server projects

Do not record unreleased server projects, such as builds from khorvaire, timelapses, special server projects, etc. You need to ask permission from “danny3450” to record these things.

Permanent ban from timelapses → ban.

The punishments are meant as guidelines.
The staff can give harder/lighter punishments at their discretion.
The staff can also punish for other reasons, if deemed necessary.
Breaking the code of conduct will make member applications harder and possibly unobtainable.

Last revision by NODO55 and weboy, 2017-02-28